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Episode 42

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

The meeting of minds is back! This week, Drew is hosting, with very special guests Garry Aylott and Mark Asquith, the hosts of the Spark of Rebellion podcast, joining the podcast as they review and pitch sequels for the 2019 saga ending, trilogy capping science fantasy, Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, directed by JJ Abrams, and starring Daisy Ridley, Jon Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver and a posthumous final appearance from Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa

Expect four grown men being extremely annoyed at pop culture that was created for children, some dejected discussion of the Colin Trevorrow script, Duel of the Fates, and what that might have been, and some very cool ideas about how the Skywalker Saga could continue on beyond episode 9!

Garry is Head of Design at Captivate.fm and as a podcaster created, produced and co-hosted popular shows for his two sci-fi loves: Star Wars (@rebellion_spark) and Doctor Who (@bigblueboxpcast). Often seen reading comics, geeking out with podcast tech or gaming.

@garryaylott on Twitter

Mark is a DC and Star Wars nerd who dreams of mythology and bloody loves a bit of fan service.

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Hi everyone. And welcome listeners new and returning to episode 42 of CQL pitch, the podcast where film, enthusiast, friends, review movies, and have a contest to see who has the best idea for a sequel. My name is drew Toynbee. I'm delighted to be able to be hosting today's podcast. The Yoda of this Jedi council.

If you will joining me as ever, we have the brash young one who's on the council, but isn't yet granted the rank of master and the Henry. Whoa, I'm on the council, but not rent, not master. Oh, I'm so angry. I'm gonna go kill some young Lynx. Unfortunately we don't have Matt or Ross with us today. Matt is still tending his youngest.

And Ross, unfortunately has some other engagements elsewhere in the galaxy. But as this is a special may the fourth star wars episode, two shadowy figures have come to do battle with Andy. With this movie on their pitch is the master and the apprentice will let them fight over, which of which is which we have Gary eyelet and mark Asquith from the spark of rebellion podcast who are having a crossover with them, with us on their next episode, guys.

Hello, thank you so much for joining our first star wars episode. How are you guys doing? We are good. Thank you, sir. And I'm going to let gas tick that the role of the master. You can have that one there. Oh, it's like that one this week. Why not? GST? I'll be the rookie rookie. It's all right, I'll take it.

This is odd. Cause like I'm a huge fan of this show. So all I want to be doing now is Hulu too. It's just here in my sleep. So thanks for having us. This is amazing. Oh, well, no, the pleasure is absolutely ours and I mean, well, so for, for listeners who might not know, Gary mark, obviously running spark of rebellion, which is a, a news and interview star wars podcasts.

Essential for star wars fans, you should. And if you're not a star wars fan, have a listen. I was saying a little bit earlier, like listening to spark of rebellion has helped to really get me back into star wars in a way that I haven't been for a couple of years since the release of a certain movie that we're probably going to discuss.

So it's worth a listen, but also. We should quickly point out that Gary and mark are respectively the head of design and CEO of our podcast hosting service captivate. So I don't know if there's like a conflict of interest is they're not sponsoring us or anything, but I felt like we should, we should say that.

And if, if you're looking for a fantastic podcasting service that is run by people who actually use it and who are really cool and cool enough to hang out with dweebs like us, then do please check it out. Oh, we had the dweebs. Thank you, drew. Um, no, this is all a pleasure. I mean, yeah, we are, we are Uber geek.

That's why we all get along. Isn't it gas? I think so, mate. Yeah, in the office, it's always, we waste a couple of hours talking about shares like this and the time flies by. So yeah, we were just as wavy as you did with the geeks, you know, and guess what we've inherited the earth. Haven't we we've got it all now.

Yeah, absolutely. It is. It's a really good time to have grown up loving nerdy stuff. Yeah, it is. It is. And the good thing is as well, a lot of us are now taller than the. That's a result. So eat that bullies. Yeah. Unfortunately I'm, I'm definitely not, but there we go. I'm wider than a lot of them. So I'll take that.

They all, all works. Mail works. Exactly. We could talk about our various experiences at school for quite a while, but as it's episode 42, we are going to be reviewing and pitching sequels for the true nerd answer to life, the universe and everything. Star wars, not Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Um, specifically we are doing episode nine, the rise of Skywalker, which was directed by JJ Abrams, starring Daisy Ridley, Oscar, Isaac, John Boyega, Adam driver, and a whole host of other actors.

As always, before we get into the, into the review of the movie, we do a summary of the plot so that you know it for the reviews and for the SQL pitches lately. So this movie has a lot of twists and turns and there's a lot of things that I'm sure we're going to talk about. So this is going to be quite a long one.

I'm really sorry. I will get through it as quick as I can. Um, so without further ado, let's start there. Now. So we joined episode nine at the end of the sequel trilogy, where new hero Ray and her resistance friends, Finn and Poe have burst onto the scene, re trained with Luke Skywalker after his self-imposed exile, and ended up going up against Han solo and layer will go on his son, Ben AKA Kylo, Ren, who was turned to the dark side and raised a new empire.

The first order Kylo ran killed his father Han and Luke sacrificed his life to create a new spark of hope in the galaxy, giving the final few survivors of the rebellion time to escape. The first orders coup de Gras at the end of episode eight in episode nine, emperor Palpatine has returned Kylo. Ren has found an ancient sift device that his grandfather Darth Vader head in his old house, in a field on most of our and uses it to travel to Palpatine's base, where he has been building a fleet of planet killing star destroyers Palpatine is, is old and rotting, and he tells Carlo he needs him to kill where.

The resistance finds out that Palpatine's new fleet is on X ago and find in Luke Skywalker's old notes that they can find another way finder to get them there. So Ray pickup Luke's trail, where he left off looking for the device Kyler and uses his force connection with Ray to find her. And the first order to catch up with them on the desert planet, persona, the rebellion guys find Lambo Kalryzian and he gives them a bit of help.

They find a knife with instructions on where to find the Wayfinder, but then before they can escape, chewy is captured and Ray accidentally blows up the transport cherries on using force lightening, which is traditionally an evil power. Ooh, no, Chewy's dead. Oh no, he's not. He's alive. Uh, it happens that quickly, basically in the movie, uh, the rebellion gang go to another planet, find a droid Smith who can rewire a C3 PO to read the instructions on the knife, but it wiped three periods memory.

This leads to some actually funny things where he says things like, oh, my first laser battle. And I laughed. Ray realizes that chewy is. And they go, thank you. And they go to Salem general hucks. Domino Gleason is revealed to be the resistant spy who wants Kyla Ren to lose. And he is then immediately killed by Richard.

He grant Ray faces Kylo again, and he reveals that she is emperor Palpatine's granddaughter the team. Then follow the instructions on the knife and go to a moon of Endor to the ruins of the second death star. The knife points to where the Wayfinder is in a way that makes literally no sense whatsoever re.

And fights and then mortally wounded, Kylo Ren, when layer uses the force to distract him from across the galaxy in the middle of the fight, the effort of which kills her, however, Ray then force heels. Kylo. Kylo has a change of heart speaks with his dead father in his mind, turns from the dark side and reclaims his name, Ben right.

Thinks that she's going to be evil by nature. So she strands herself an Octo where Luke kid, but Luke's force goes, tells her to stop being an idiot, gives her a result x-raying and she goes to face Palpatine. She then transmits the coordinates to everyone else via R2D2. We also have a scene where the rest of the guys go back to the resistance base and they learned that layer's dead and cheery.

Genuinely has one of the most heartbreaking reactions in all of star wars, the resistance fleet, follow the instructions. They're going to face Palpatine Palpatine reveals to Ray that his plan was never for Kylo to kill Ray. In fact, And it has to go there to kill him so that Palpatine's life force can move into her.

And then he will be all powerful within her. Ben solo then arrives and joins Ray. They're both over powered by Palpatine the resistance fleet or losing carpeting force, lightnings, everything. But then Lando shows up with every other ship in the galaxy and the resistance when Ray is supported by the power of all the Jedi of the past and destroys Palpatine that the effort kills her Ben solo reappears from a bottomless pit and force heals her back to life.

They kiss. Then the effort kills him and they could keep yo-yoing back and forth until someone could get them into a back to tank. But instead Ben becomes one with the force instantly and disappears at the same time as his mother's body people around the galaxy rise up against the rest of the first order.

The heroes, when Ray takes lake at lake Luke and layers lightsabers, and varies them at the law's homestead on tattooing where Luke grew up and where they are literally has never been. It has no connection to what's. She then claims the name Skywalker for herself with Luke and layers blessing the end.

So sorry. I said it would be long. That's done. Now we can, everyone else can talk and I'm going to rest my voice for a minute. Normally we give our sort of high-level thoughts on, on the movie before we get into the nitty gritty of the review, but I would love it. If you guys could talk me through, you know, how, what star wars means to you overall, then a brief summary of how you feel about the first two of the sequel trilogy.

And then this movie, sorry, if that I'm just giving you guys homework to do basically Gary, can we go with you first? Sure. First of all, thank you for doing that because I'd forgotten a lot of the rise of Skywalker and that's very useful. Thank you. Yeah. It's yeah, it's easily done genuinely. Yeah. The whole thing with the knife and all that.

And I've forgotten all that anyway. Star wars over all the first bit. Well, star wars, I guess is my first is it's the first exposure I had to scifi, I guess, as a wee lad. So I remember like one of my first memories of, uh, of watching anything like that would have been sat. Cross-linked living in floor one Christmas or boxing day morning, back in the early eighties.

I guess I was born in:

And then. As we all do, we drift away from those things in college and high school and you discover girls and other things, but then you come back around to it when you get some disposable income and you can start buying all this stuff again and getting back into it as an adult and stuff. So that's kind of the journey for me.

And that's what it means. It's like a lifelong sort of love, I guess, for, for that. And, um, you know, I love scifi in general, but it's like, that was my first star wars is bay. You know, for me, it's one of those, one of those things. That's what it means to me. And so, um, episodes seven and eight, um, seven started off pretty well.

I think mark and I have pretty much in agreement with this one. It's a, it's a pretty decent rehash of a new hope. It's not too bad. It's fairly, it's fairly. Okay. That one, the last Jedi respect, I guess, given respect, because they tried to do something, you know, they really try to, to just not do the expected over and over again, which is okay.

But, uh, I think it was just a huge sin, uh, in the way that they handled Luke's character. Unfortunately, I think that went down a path that, yeah, wasn't, uh, wasn't that great. So for those first two films in the sequel trilogy, it was a little bit of a side of well, and then, yeah. And because it's in contrast to the original trilogy where the second act is, in my opinion, the best, this is like the opposite for me.

So, um, so yeah, that's my feelings on, was there another question? Was that the last one is your kind of high level. Generally with, with episode nine, do you like it or do you not? And we'll get into why in a minute? Um, no, I don't really like it, so we'll get onto why, I guess. Yeah. Okay. Um, mark, same set of questions for you quickly.

It's similar scenario to gas, I think, um, earliest memory of star wars. And Saifai like you said, is, is probably, yeah, probably the Samsung thing, dude. Like I'm an eight to two kid and I remember empire, I remember Christmas, you know, it was always on star wars, star wars in any sort of guys was always on, um, remember the figures and just losing the figures and finding the figures in the garden and all sorts of stuff.

And it was that sort of golden era as a kid. Um, and then I think as I got a little bit older, I got. Um, I guess the idea of storytelling and got more into DC stuff and real kind of connected universe as which I got my interest then peaked by the pre-course. You know, if you just say, oh, this guy at this kid is going to turn into Darth Vader, I'm like, holy crap.

I mean, so it was, that's the sort of stuff that really gets me going so that the prequel trilogy held a really interesting place, uh, I guess in my sort of consciousness, because I've still had to have a lot of love for that one. Um, and then similar to gas, you know, got a little bit older, um, and just started buying bits of Lego and collectibles and figures and, you know, sticking them up alongside of the DC stuff.

So a very, very similar journey when it came to the force awakens. Um, I remember initially living that and thinking that's fantastic. And then when I sat and sort of pondered it for a little bit, it was because I'd seen a star wars movie in IMAX. I'd never seen a star wars movie. So I was like, oh, this is amazing.

And I guess understood the criticisms of it just been a rehash in it, but I was all right with that. I understood why they did what they did with Luke in a false awakens, because, you know, there's no way he can stick him up front and centered tech over. Um, last Jed. I originally hated it. Second view in third view in got to like it more literal, I think manly for the things that it does really well.

And I just have the feeling that the last jet I might get better as they fill the gaps with books and stuff, which I think can't be said variety skywalk, and shouldn't be the case with a moving anywhere. But I think it's happened with the principals, um, I totally agree. Don't don't think it's the Luke Skywalker.

We all know and love, but do respect certain elements of it. And some of the cinematography was fantastic. Um, rise of Skywalker, absolute crap. Now, is that okay? In a nutshell, that's gonna be fun. I'm really looking forward to this. Andy, how about you? So overall, I was never a massive fan as a kid. I liked the films, uh, but never had toys.

I honestly can't remember the first time I watched it. So like, it didn't have that map, you know, it didn't have that experience and it has a lot of people. Um, yeah, like mark, I think like force awakens. I think it was like the first one I saw. So, and that was fine. I enjoyed it. Uh, I'll happily put it on, but yeah, it's, it's a rehash, but again, we all kind of wanted that, but it did.

It led, it led up some good questions. Where's Luke and why has he done this and who is smoked? So it did, it did. It did fine. Uh, and then, yeah, eight. Um, they're not like eight at all, not like eight. Um, drew was once with me and then he said he watched it again and he was like, I'll give it another go. And I honestly, I can't because I tried to the other night, but then I was like, doesn't it start with like your mum joke.

And then I was like, I don't want it now. I need to do that. So one day I'll watch it again. I respect, I respect that. What they, what they try to do, they just like, they just did it wrong. Um, and to be honest, you can't really blame Ryan Johnson that should have been caught up high, you know, higher up. Don't make this move.

I re my brother got the like:

Gold VHS box set. Um, with the new digitally inserted scenes, I had all the toys. Luke Skywalker was my dude read it. Luke Skywalker kind of informed who I am as a person, a little bit, which is a little bit like worrying maybe, but there we go. It's a good figure to look up to. So, I mean, that's what the young boys as well within that, he wants that so well, exactly.

I was always really fascinated by the fact that either I would interact with other people and more way more people love Han than Luke, it felt like, like everyone's like, how is my favorite character? And I was like, Han's never been my favorite. He's like, why are you guys talking about anyway? And so I had, uh, Andy's pointed out that my journey with episode eight, Was actually similar to yours, mark episode seven, I thought was good.

Fun. It's really solid. It, it rockets along. It looks good. It's absolutely fine. Episode eight first viewing. I, I came out like, oh, it looked good, but, um, Ooh, didn't like that at all, who was Luke? And then I managed to go back and I appreciated it more for the things it did. Well, like you said, mark, but I also was able to see kind of that I feel like Ryan Johnson was backed into a corner a little bit by JJ Abrams in trying to work out why Luke would have been shuttled by, on an island and not got involved.

And, and I thought, you know, the way he explained it kind of, he was left with that and that's fine, whatever. So I've come to like episode eight, a bit more for its ideas, even though. A lot of the concepts within it, like a chase through space where ships could fly in front of the other ships and block them off makes no sense.

And where and where we have the sidetrack to the scheme, to the casino planet, where there is no urgency when they're running out of fuel. There's I have my issues with it, but overall I liked that. I like the message a lot that they were trying to go for and then rise of Skywalker. Um, I feel more charitable towards it.

Now, maybe it's the antidepressants I'm now on, which are doing wonders, but, um, I I've watched it the other day and I was like, okay, I still don't love. Most of this, but I can now at least appreciate the bits that are good. And so with that, I, I'm going to just open the flood gates and invite all three of you to just go ham on this movie and tell me why you don't like it.

And let's have some, let's have some fun. Well, that is the flood gates open there, mate. Yeah. Wait, where did we start? That's a good point. Where do you start? Um, it's just shite in it. Yeah. I mean, to be honest, I do feel a bit bad for JJ because he, he had to not only close the trilogy, he had to close a saga.

He had to introduce a new, big, bad, yeah. Then tad to kill off their big, bad. He had to have like Luke in there somehow, you know, he had to do with a load of stuff. Um, you know, yeah. Two and a half hours to do it, but he didn't eat. He didn't do it basically, but I recognize there with a lot of things. To do.

And I guess you're the, I don't want to say the easy options, but you know, it does kind of feel like he's choosing the easy options. Who should we have? This is the bad guy. Oh, it says the emperor. What should kill him off the same thing that killed him kind of often the last one where he just shot himself with lightning, like, dude, stop shooting yourself with lightning.

Like yeah. He could have just stopped as soon as he got hit once. Ah, all right. Um, oh, ah, I, you know, I stopped that because you could obviously rebound it. I mean, that's another thing as well, right at the end. Sorry, just skip right to the end, but I love it when jeez, when she's about to kill, uh, Palpatine strike, I doubt I strike me down a lot.

Like she puts the lightsaber behind her and then she trans transfers it over to Ben. And we'll talk about that. I'm sure. Um, but he, and he's like, yeah, now I'm gonna take down these things. It's a bit like. He, she reveals her hand and there's no light saber and it's like, oh no, she's got a lightsaber. Then she's just got another one anyway.

So I'm just like, why didn't the emperor? Just go, oh, you haven't got a lights out. You've got another one. Strike me down. Like you were going to do and just carry on. I just don't get why then I kind of lead it into a fight. It was good, but it was like, you just got another one. So just do it. I think that sums a lot of it.

Dude. It's like style over substance. Cause the, um, a lot of it is really stylish and some of the stuff looks fantastic. Like again, the cinematography cannot be faulted, but it's, it's like they got a Fred and I think it does. And I talked about this on spiker rebellion where it's almost like Disney got a Fred or whoever was making the decisions, got a Fred of what Ryan Johnson had done and sort of said, well, rather than following that through and kind of continue on that story, it was just, what can we probably get aware within who can we get in to get away with it?

Um, and it was, there was so much unearned stuff like poverty. The entire characterization of, I suppose, even Ben solo, even though the Ben solo part of it was the best part of the movie by a long shot that, that three or four minutes where he was a Jedi. And regardless of what he'd done before, you know, just Adam driver's ability to pull that off, I really enjoyed the story.

Be, you know, good. But th th him was, he was fantastic, but it was all of, it was an earned like Ben solo wasn't earned. Um, and then just pure stupidity. Like, so imagine this right. I'm a, yeah. I need a knife mannequin. Right? All right. Well, what shape do you want it? Right? What are you doing this weekend? Do you wanna, it's just, I've got a boat that we're going to need to, nah, I'm not doing that.

Dos lambs, like silly things like that. We're just mental . Is that the Goonies knife? Yeah, but wouldn't he, so when the star, when the desktop had to crash and then he would have made the knife, is that how it has, that's how it was done. And then what did they do? Take a picture like Palpatine's good sentence is like, go take a picture on your new four S and snacks like zips down there, MIPS down and panoramic nips into Timson.

Yes, acute. Let's just be really good in a dag it so that if you try not to haggle range key down, come, I look at our daggers. I can do a dagger, not a key fine get to, but one under the doormat. Yeah. Yeah. It's uh, like I say, if they were half a yard to the right or left, they would've just been like, where the fuck are we going?

I don't know, dude. That is a great point because none of them said even the, on the back of the dagger late stand here. They're totally right. I never thought of that. Yeah. At least the Goonies had a map. You know, I got to the, got to the spot where they could then look at through the doubloon and stuff.

Like this is meant to be sensible, intelligent people we're talking about. Perhaps he's not a stupid person. Yeah. Do you know what? For me, it's the missed opportunity. Yeah. So that's the biggest one, you know, so you can kind of see past a few of the faults. You can see past a few little hiccups in sort of the narrative and stuff like that.

And you think, ah, I'm not really enjoying this too much, but it looks so good. Then we'll get to a good bit in a minute and all that, you know, you can sort of look past those bits, but you know, it's the bits where you think, oh, they could, they could have been like the best star wars film of all nine films.

It could have been that's the, that's the hard part. I don't think, I think that it was a cleanup film. I don't think they could have done. They could have done more if they, if they started obviously seven and eight and then it could have been, but I, there was definitely missed opportunities in this, but no more than clean up, clean up, clean up.

Like, do you think if that had sort of lent into what the last Jedi ads, the last Jedi I had set up, like we've said this thing guys, and I said this about certain movies where. Um, they become better when you watch the following movie or the following, or you read the following material or whatever, like, do you think if that a lens into the last Jetta, regardless of whether we like it or not, if the just followed that through and then sort of molded the story around that, do you think that it made any difference?

Because there's, you can just tell there's such a difference in air in loads of things between eight and nine, but like one of the, yeah. One of the big things is the story and yeah, to be honest, if they, if they went more into eight, uh, if they use more of eight in tonight. Yeah. I probably wouldn't have liked it, but I would have at least kind of on this makes yeah, it just makes more sense.

At least it's ties together. I'm happy that this, this feels, um, it felt like it would have flown a lot better unlike this film, which was very like, it was yeah. Two and a half hours and some bits will have so long something sort of really short, like a slog to get through. What do you think about I'm like, half-ass it, and this is, we talked about this on spark as well, sort of half back in the funds.

Yeah. And even backing away from things like O three PO gets his mind, why it it's mega emotional. Now who's got an SD card, the funniest thing when he's like, oh, we'll see if he's. And I was like, no harm to our twos are unreliable. Everyone knows that. And he literally comes in with a needle, but there you go.

Yeah. It was like the fan service, like service . Yeah. Any of that clean up this film for me is just a massive cleanup. How could we, cause I think there was such a massive rage about eight, if they may be weighted to a little bit of maybe another year or two to make nine and the, the, the heat Naval would have gone down or people would have started turning like drew, maybe rewatched it on.

Oh, actually on, you know, maybe I didn't see it the way they, you know, cause a lot of people again wanted to go in and see their star wars movie and they just didn't. Um, yeah, but this whole film for me was basically a, uh, uh, fan service kind of let's let's just leave everyone happy. That's a lot of damage control from the previous film essentially.

Yeah. Nice one.

expectations JJ will live off that forever. Um, there was definitely a few things that were put in this film to F to like, quote unquote, fix the past, or, yeah, what's that thing in the, uh, in a burial, you know, fix the past, kill it. Well, yeah, like, uh, I like general pride. I don't know why that just seems a slight on a, like, he's just like, oh, we put, someone's gotta be called pride because star wars do us pride and we're happy to do this.

And also like the, um, the hooks character, um, like turning out to just be the mall and the, where the hell did that come from? W for one scene as well. It just, it felt like someone in the scripting process was like, okay, we need, we need the resistance to find. About the fleet and where it is. Okay. So how would they get that?

It would be a spy. Okay, great. Right. They've got the information from us by, and then they get halfway through the movie though. Oh shit. We haven't, we haven't done as the spy, who can be the spy? Oh, wait. Dominoes had fuck all to do. All right. We'll make it him. Okay. That could be interesting. Why would he do that?

Um, because he hates Kyler. Okay, great. Cool. Okay. Fine. We, should we explore that? No, no, no, no, just kill it. Just kill them off this point. We don't have time. We don't have time just kill it. It's this to me, the way that I felt watching this was I, I think one of the reasons I've mellowed on it is similarly to, I spent two years kind of conditioning myself to like.

Um, and you know what, whether that's slightly psychotic or not, you know, that's, that's what I did. And I forced myself to see the bits that I liked. And then this movie came in and went, okay. No, where ignoring the, for sensitive people all over the galaxy. Don't worry about that. We're ignoring this, we're ignoring that.

And it felt like JJ basically went okay, I'm going to try. And I'm going to try and make my episodes eight and nine all in one movie. Yeah. Because I feel like I don't feel like conceptually there's anything wrong with the storyline that they've done for nine. Mm. But it's way too compressed. And if in episode eight Palpatine had shown up and they've been like, oh wait, there were rumors of.

Crazy new force user coming back somewhere and innovate. They reveal its Palpatine and then nine, they deal with that fallout. I don't, I don't have as much of a problem with that, but it really did feel like JJ just went well. I had all of these ideas and rather than rewriting my ideas, I'll just squish them both into one movie and we'll just make it work and everyone will come and see it anyway.

Cause it's star wars and we did so suckers fucking midnight show in losers. Oh yeah. 3:30 AM on nuts that Friday, Saturday morning by was annoyed live it. Yup. I honestly, I was so deflated. I was just like, oh, is that really? Is that how this ends? Like I knew it wouldn't be the end of star wars as a whole, but how.

Anyone at Lucasville or Disney signed off on this being the end of the Skywalker saga is absolutely beyond me. I, I can't wait for 10, 15, 20 years down the line when the NDAs expire and someone writes a book and is like, this is what happened with the sequel trilogy guide in 10, 15 years sign, there's going to be a S like a sea of books, podcasts, interviews, and everything.

It's going to be brilliant. And they'll all come from mysterious people like D D Abrams.

Sorry, Kennedy. Here's a question for you guys. Are you aware of Colin Trevorrow script four nine? The script don't do this. I think it's significantly better. I think it is significantly. There's there's one thing about it that I really, really, really don't like, and the rest I think is great. Just pure speculation.

Why do you guys think they decided to get JJ? And it was, was it Chris Terrio? Yeah. Why, why did they get them to write a whole movie when they could have just said, okay, Colin Lee, we don't trust you after book of Henry because that movie is a disaster and that's fine. JJ, here's this script just to have a tinker and make that.

Why do you think that didn't happen? I reckon personally, I think it's because it was a lot of story and I know that sounds really weird, but it was a lot of story that in my view, there had to, or there felt like they had to win the casual star wars, Euro and the funds. And it's like, you sit under it. It was what boxes can we check and sort of half them.

So we don't go too far and get claimed fan service, but go far enough, the people, the funds go. That's great. Thank you. And I think with the other, if you look at the jewel of the fair stuff, it was like, that was pretty steeped in mythology and it would have annoyed some people. And I think there were just a little bit worried about that divide being vocal, like the people that were annoyed potentially by it would have been more vocal off the back of the last jet.

I haven't had the last yet. I not happened. You know, I think it was too much of a person. I think the story was too much of a risk, even though it's clearly a better story. It is a much better story. Yeah. And it also doesn't faff around as much either in try cause it, the result of, uh, the, the end result that we see now in the rise of Skywalker is.

It feels like you're just speed running through the film because I've added so much in which will be, and we'll know in that Trevor's script though. I think he simplified that quite a lot. Like a lot of it takes place on Carson and is not so much of this. We need to invent a whole planet to go and have this thing go on here.

And you know, it kind of keeps it a little bit more. Um, it keeps the narrative and the character progression a little bit more on a tighter path as well. That would have been so much easier to get your head around and enjoy rather than trying to second guess what's coming around the corner every five minutes.

And I, I feel like it would have, I feel like it could have had the effect of making people feel better about the lost JIEDDO as well. Frankly, like to, to actually go look here's, here are the consequences of all of those changes and yeah. You know what Kylo Ren decides he's going to be a bad guy and he owns it and Ray is going to.

Bring up a whole new generation of force users. And Finn is the instigator of a storm trooper rebellion because they're all enslaved kids and they, and they have like one tiny little mention of that with Jana and the other defected stormtroopers on the moon of Endor. But aside from that, there's so much rich stuff that, that it's.

Yeah, it is a shame. And hashtag the, when, when we see enough of a fan reaction that Disney plus make their version of the Snyder cup with episode nine and get Colin Trevorrow back, I'll be there day one. I I'd rather see the, uh, was it Miller? Uh, the solo script or the solar? What's the other one? Phil Lord, Lord, Lord.

Lord of Miller. Yeah, I'd obviously that then, uh, then this, this. Yeah, no under Kathleen's watch. No, no, no, no, no, apparently not.

I got like so low though, but you know, I'm, I'm too positive in general, apparently. Um, it was weird. Wasn't it? It was weird. I thought, yeah, I thought it was fun. It looked good soundtracks. Great. If you're ever going to run am a tabletop RPG stop. What was the, um, the solo soundtrack bloody perfect. I did a, did a star wars dandy five, a, um, like re re-skin of star wars and did a little one short for some mates and the Sodo soundtrack was perfect for it.

Anyway. That's not why we're here. I think we should probably. Get into giving our final thoughts and our very low scores for this movie, and then move on and see what you guys are going to be suggesting we do to fix it. Um, so I'm going to, I'll jump in first. And my, and I'm going to give my score, which is a 2.5 in explicable things happening out of five, because I have softened on this movie and it has the best looking lightsaber fight on the, on the desktop wreckage in the sea.

That fight is the first time we see force users using the force in a fight and like force jumping and doing superhero landings and fighting. I like that. I like a lot of the visuals. I like a lot of the performances and I like a good number of the ideas. However, there is so much fucking bullshit in this movie that makes no sense that literally makes no sense.

And so giving it any higher than exactly middle of the road would, would feel completely wrong for me. And what is your final thoughts and your score? Wow. I say so many, so many notes. I'm just looking over now, but there's a couple of things I do like about this movie. There was a couple of like appropriate jokes, uh, when they like trying to light up a dark hallway or cave, and Ray brings out a light saber and Pope brings out and it's like torch, got a genuine laugh for me.

Cause I was like, that's appropriate rather than like eight. When you got like, yeah, your mum jokes. And then other like other marvelous jokes, this was like appropriate. The, the fighting. I actually thought the fighting wasn't the best in this new trilogy. If anything, it felt it was good. It just didn't feel real.

We didn't feel like they were, you know, Daisy Wrigley looked like she was really good at the choreography, but she was just, wasn't going to like selling that, you know, she didn't practice the moves for six. But yeah, a couple of good things again. Yeah. So most bullshit deaths fakes out C3 PO I did like, uh, Luke kind of catching his weapon, the Jedi and gun agenda.

His weapon deserves more respect and I'm like, Hey, fuck you Ryan. But at the end, yeah, it's not, it's not good. I'm going to give it a 1.45 because, because I timed it, that's the amount of time that we are left to believe that she is dead. And the time that it blows up to the time that he's revealed as a minute 45 seconds, to be honest, honestly, that's not even enough time to like, if it was still emotionally, get it to go, oh no, don't you see them again?

You're like, oh, there he is. Very good. Very, very good. Um, mark, how about you? I think it was hastily put together in response to Disney, trying to save us. Um, and I think it's suffered. A heck of a lot because of that, there were a lot of mistakes that could have very easily been fixed. That, that, that, that should have been fixed very quickly.

That would have just really escalated this from something that is just a turd to something that would have been above average, just tiny little tweaks would have been enough. And I think for that reason, it's, it was just a massive swing and a miss. And it was just a, for me, a bit of a corporate exercise.

I think it feels that way to me. I'm going to give it a 1.58, not 0.5 for the film. And it gets the extra one because John Williams is involved in that is. Yup. Yup. Okay. And last but not least go. Nice. Um, yeah, I agree with mark and you guys, uh, mainly I think it was a hastily put together sort of thing. JJ Abrams gutting for him because he's like started off well, and then he got screwed over.

So got of him. I think Babbo Frick, wildly underused. I think he was a great character. Forgot about him, gas and DEO. This boy that did nothing. I swear. He literally did nothing but sell toys wildly, like star wars.

Uh, what else? Um, yeah, it's just, uh, yeah, I'm going to give it a two. I think it's about a five one for one for the effort from some genuinely good people making it. Um, and then another one for. Yeah, I've gone in for John Williams as well. Piggyback off mark. Okay. All right. So that brings us in a star wars episode nine, the rise of Skywalker gets 1.8, six out of five.

Um, let's see. So yeah, it comes in significantly above home, sweet home, alone, and con air. But unless, uh, we need to talk about Cornell lads. Sorry to interrupt. We go talk about Connor one day. What, what, how is it that we, I mean, when was the last time you watched him? Like, honestly like yesterday, about, about six weeks ago, villain.

Who was ma'am rhymes. Andy, come on, come on. No, it's Cyrus the virus. I mean, it's. It by all means so bad. It's good. But yeah, it just did not resonate with us at all. Maybe it was watching it live. We all just, all of our negativity kind of pooled together, but yeah, it's star wars only the only films that have come in lower than it.

Our wild, wild west suicide squad, home, sweet home, alone, and corner. And so, yeah, that is yeah. Damning with faint praise. And so anyway, there, this film is what it is, but you guys have been charged with giving us an episode 10 and whether that is starting a new trilogy or whether you are making episode 10, the true end to the saga, I'm thrilled to find out.

So it is time to get your secret. Pitched. So in case this is the first time you've listened to this show. The rules of the pitching is very, very simple. Uh, each of my three pitchers will have a chance to uninterrupted pitch me their film. They'll tell me the, the theme, the story what's going to happen in it.

I might have some questions. I might not. We'll do that one at a time. And then we will enter into the debate phase where the guys will try to convince me why I should pick theirs in the context of the other two. We are meant to be very much. I think you should pick mine because of this, but if you get into don't pick those because of this, you know, the listeners really like it.

So, you know, get the, get the Archie knives out and get backstabbing on, on Jacko. Here we go. So as this is kind of, I've swapped it around at the beginning. You guys, with a set in the introduction, but I'm seeing this now is Andy is count duke. And Gary and mark are Anna can an OB one. Andy's trying to uphold the honor of SQL pitch, but will this be attack of the clones or will this be revenge of the CF?

Wait, does that mean I'm working for the empire SQL pitchy, the empire in this particular instance? It's not the empire yet though. It's it's just the, we're getting the, it's it, we are the baddies, but yeah, there we go. Um, so I'm going to let Adam. Jump in first. So, Andy, what is the title of your star wars episode 10.

Let's get this done before my head gets chopped off. Uh, my episode 10 is called shadow of the Sith. Okay. I didn't know. It's a new unknown, dark forces rising up in the galaxy, killing Jedi and threatening to destroy the peace. So we open on the end of a big battle. All right. The floor is littered with dead bodies.

We pan across the sea Ray standing above everyone. She walks around and she sees all the heroes. We know dead, obviously it's like choo and poey and then whoever we want to bring back from the other furniture, poli , should we a poem or a couple an hour? Yeah. Um, to Perry and then whoever we want to bring back from the others, like Lando or, uh, Johanna.

Uh, yeah, like anyone else, uh, she turns around and she sees Finn on the floor crawling away from her. He begs us to stop and she looks around and she looks down to see the double red lightsaber that she had an episode nine. She moves forward trying to calm thin, but he screams and horror. Ray says he's not going to hurt him.

But then she slashes fin with a lightsaber causing her to wake. Because it's all a dream she wakes up and then she walks around her home. Uh, we see something that makes her realize that she's still thinking about Ben. Maybe she's got a picture of them in a hole, a hallway or something. Ray walks outside to see a class of young jet.

I, and at the front of the class is Finn fin, RACI chewy, always poli Poochie and Pope, uh, of working as a, as engineers deal with some stuff. Uh, Ray talks to Finn and says that he's coming along as a jet. But Finn says that he feels something dark that he cannot explain. And Ray says that this is the dark side, trying to pull him back.

Uh, and he must resist. Uh, fin says that Ray looks like she's been up all night and she tells him that she's been having trouble sleeping for the last few weeks. Uh, there's a small scene of Ray teaching the young jet eye about the light and dark side and all of us and how we must learn to live with both until Poe runs in and says, there's an emergent.

So Ray fin Poe and chewy heads to the Jedi, this new Jedi council to find a member that has been murdered. They mentioned that this is the third man, third murder in like three weeks, they start to investigate, but realize like the other murder scenes, there's no clues to who did this or why until they find a guard, barely breathing.

And he tells Ray that he and his men got into a fight with this, uh, with hooded figures, Kerry and black lightsabers. Cause black is evil. Um, MIV smells. I don't know. I say, I don't know the star wars law so much. So if it's not evil, change it to an evil color. Red, red is red lightsabers. The God talks about this new, the new, big, bad that killed everyone.

It's this goon looking, I'm thinking more of a dark Mol character like scars and paint than an acting like a, like a person he's called men. Uh, before the bar, uh, the guard dies. He said that he overheard men Rican say that they were going to go to the planet, bearer marks and Ray and co go to this Jedi council and say, they're going to go and explore the planet and hopefully kill men Rican.

We could introduce an, like a corrupt, wealthy government that's in charge of rebuilding peace on planets, which could come back in later movies. But yeah, they're willfully their welfare incorrupt and there'll be like, we're fine. But you're obviously know that they're fucking. Uh, at Paramount's the four find an old bunker with drawings and plans.

And aside written in the SIF language, uh, they tried to decipher it, but can't racist. She feels something as this. You seen these plans before and they decided to take the plans to study later. This is where the fall come across a band of hooded figures and men Rican, and they all get in a fight. Men, Rican escapes with three figures, and then Ray tries to interrogate the one remaining like coolest figure.

He comes out with ambiguous phrases, like an alien language, or we could say something like everything is going to plan. We, or it cannot be stopped. This frustrates raves. He starts to talk to him like rated rented to her in episode seven, like the mental torture fin finally pulls her away. Given the figure time to escape, enact to the gates of new planets and meet new aliens, trying to get information about men Rican.

And what's kind of. The find clues, they get into fights and they basically learn that a new dark forces rising up. And the gang thing that this means hooded figure men Rican is in charge. He works for a master. Um, well, I guess not does, but he works for a master who has ancient SIF knowledge. Uh, you learn, you know, enough about him, but still not Lowe's to kind of give anything away until later movies.

Ray reveals that her nightmares have been going on the last few years, not weeks, uh, ever since they took down the emperor and she's basically been having blackouts, um, and she can't remember conversations or, or events or anything like that. Uh, and we can have maybe a bit of levity with Poe, basically, again, saying he's bored now there's no wars.

And he's got to use the spill. He's got to use a skills, rebuilding worlds rather than destroy them. Uh, at one point the gang come across men Rican and a room full of his group. Uh, they think there's a giant fight scene is about to happen. But as Ray steps forward, one by one, the goons started Nila feet.

Ray starts to hear voices and clutches her head. And as Finn tries to help her, he sees her eyes turn black or red that evil rainbows pushes ran to the other side. She stands up. She says that ever since the emperor died, she has been unable to control the dark side, building insight up. And we can't have a, maybe if you want to connect the emperor, more that part of his soul went into Ray.

When he died mixing with the darkness already inside her, she reveals the dark side, has a of herself as being going around when Ray is like asleep or joining these blackouts. And she's been killing Jedi or young lungs and building a new empire. There's a fight where dark Ray fights with the goons and men Rican against PO fin and cheery.

And we see dark Ray killed chewy for real this time like steaks, no, he's going to show up in a minute 40. Dark gray grabs the plans from the, uh, that she took in the bunker. Cause you already has them basically and leaves with the goons, uh, PO cries over chewy and Finn tries to communicate with, uh, reverberate with the force.

Uh, we hear a ski a bit like I'm thinking, not the connection, uh, her and Ren Ren had where Wren was shirtless, not loud, but in five, I think when Luke's talking to Vader and it's, you know, it's just like telepathically, uh, he's talking to Ray kind of that way. We hear a scared, scared Ray, talk to Finn saying she's trapped, but she didn't mean to kill chewy, but she has no control.

And Finn realizes that he can communicate with light Ray without dark Ray knowing, and Ray gives fin clues to kind of where they're going. So they. Dark Ray men Rican and the goons land on a planet and enter a SIF temple where we learn that they are using plan. So breaking, absorb all the dark sized power and become more powerful than the emperor and take over the universe.

Poem, Finland, sorry. I was going to mention, but my story has got no droids and no aliens or anything like that. They're involved. Let's go be like a new chewy, but they're just not important to the, uh, to the script basically. So PO PO fin and probably some droids and like the new chokes of chewy. Um, their plan is to land on this planet, find rate, and then blow the planet up, killing men Rican and all the goons.

They fate they fight their way to REA, but get taken prisoner and dark rain nearly kills them until light rain breaks out. And Ray is split into two like entities or beings or things for the visuals light. Ray can just be like the normal human version of Daisy daily, Daisy Wrigley, Wrigley, repeatedly wriggling.

Uh, I'll do that again for visuals light. Ray can just be the normal human version of daily Daisy Wrigley and the dark Ray could be like a ghost store. You know, dark red ghost or something, or a big hooded figure or something like that. But Ray is split into two and they have a fight. Liked really fight stock.

Right? Dark says that without her, she can't bring back Ben and she manipulates the light rain to hear. And Ben's voice telling him, telling her to bring him back. A light. Ray says that she can't, but she's overpowered by a dark rate who brings the two entities back together as this is happening, uh, fin fights and kills men, wreak men Rican as Poe runs away to set the charges up, to blow up the pallets.

He returns as he returns, he sees dark gray take over light rate and she put field force, pushes them away, knocking their mounts thin, then kind of runs in and sees this. And she gets in a fight with dark Ray, but dark right easily overpowers him fins drops to the floor and starts to crawl away from Ray begging, begging her to stop dark.

Ray goes to slash Finn, but just before she does, she stops. And it's basically light Ray inside, dark Ray, trying to break out and trying to stop him. Ray is so torn what to do. It actually causes a massive force explosion destroying the. Uh, and then we end with Finn unearthing from the rubble. We're looking around seeing dark gray border ship with men Rican.

Yes. He's alive. You could explain how in another film. Yeah, yeah. In a, be a suspension fin rescues PO on boards, another ship as an escapes just before the planet blows up. Uh, and we end on like an episode, five kind of cliffhanger where fin, isn't a ship flying in the opposite direction to Ray. And he's basically out the window looking to Ray, who you can imagine, how the windows and stuff and they, they fly in opposite directions.

Okay. All right. Thank you very much. My one question is how long has it been since episode nine? Not as I might like thinking about maybe two or three years at the max, but two years, I want it to be a long enough time there. It's obviously really having an effect on Ray and enough time that she can kind of build up a new empire in secret.

But not that it's like the fucking Palpatine's, you know, Fucking squirt out no way, but yeah, about two years I say. Cool. Okay. Great stuff. Thank you very much for that. Let's move on to carry. Cool. So I got a bit carried away last night and I had visions of printing this out, sending it to Lucasfilm. I thought this is amazing.

And then I read it back and thought, Nope, this is absolute shit. I caught myself on basically. So in the morning I caught myself on, so I had something really long. And then I've condensed it down to a, into a bit of a, a bit of a brief synopsis. So here we go. Cycle is secrets of the Sith. So approximately one year after rise of Skywalker raised kids.

Uh, by a mysterious figure, she's on tattooing she's by the homestead. And we don't find out the identity of said kidnapper just yet. Uh, that's about halfway through ish. I think so. In the meantime, um, while she's just being kidnapped, uh, there's this dude that's knocking around on tattooing and he's nipping past the homestead and he finds something sort of catches his eye, like a bit of instinct, sort of kicks in and him, and he stares his land speeder, uh, over there.

And he can't quite place what's going on. The home side looks a bit deserted. He's seen Ray a few times knocking around, throwing her a few newspapers in the morning, whatever, you know, how it goes on tattooing. Right? Anyway, ESA gets this feeling. It's like some things under the ground here, you know where I'm going.

He's like, hold on, let me just get the shovel because every landspeed has got one in a boot. So he gets the shovel out and he's like, Did they get away? He finds this package. It's like this red thing with like a brown leather strap. He's like, oh, cool. This looks like a two little back to canisters. I don't know what they are, but you know, he's just got like a bit of an instinct.

Like, I don't exactly what they are, but whatever. Anyway, a couple of lightning bolts go flying past his head. He turns around, he sees a couple of tusks and Raiders coming over the hill. We'd like, shit. So he runs off and he's like docking for cover. And uh, so why these there, he hears a voice. He hears a voice coming from somewhere.

He doesn't know what's going on. All he can hear is this voice. That's like sending him to the run here, doc there, whatever. And this turns out to be the voice of layer. And, um, so yeah, he's, uh, he manages to escape the Tuscan Raiders and while he's, um, while he's defeated those guys, and he's having a cup of tea, thinking about, what's just gone on layers.

You need to go and rescue her on me. She doesn't say who or whatever, but she just mentioned the planet. Diathermy and you have to go and rescue somebody and he's like, okay. Okay, cool. So the, um, we fast forward a wee bit and we, you know, we transitioned over to death, man. We find out that the kidnapper, the person that knocked out Ray and kidnapped her was, um, a character called dark talent.

Now I've been a bit cheeky. I've sort of pinched a few characters out of like little rogue cannon legacy bits here. So dark talent, who was a TweetDeck she's an a, she was the secret apprentice of dark more that nobody knew. And she's after revenge. She see each though she's after revenge against the Jedi for killing mall and also just the shenanigans against the Seth of recent years.

Anyway. And, um, so she, yeah, so she wants to talk to her race slowly. The reason why this is going on is because Ray's like the closest thing that she knows to a Jedi at this time. Like as far as she knows, and everyone else, the Jedi or, but Darren and it's just rainy. So she's taken it all out on her. Uh, the dude that we saw on tattooing, he finds the lightsabers at the homestead, uh, is a guy called, um, Rex.

And, uh, what stupid names that I come up with, I think, uh, Rex and, uh, somebody and, um, hold on on ISA. Cause he's a great name. Where are we? What's his name? His name is, uh, Reckson something Rex and Clark is his name. Right. And, um, uh, so he's basically gone down to the Cantina and he's like, look, I need to try and get to Datameer.

What can I do? He ends up getting a bit of a spot on a ship. Everyone's like, yeah, you can mop the floor. You can take along, we'll drop you off. No bother. So he goes there. He tries to rescue, right. He gets captured by Darth talent. It's all looking pretty shit. Then we fast forward a little bit more and this do turns up and well, just before that data, talent basically tells him, look, I've captured you guys.

I want to talk to her, but you and I are in the mix as well as you're both going to get to watch it. I'm going to kill you eventually. And then I'm going to rebuild the Sith. I've already got my eyes on another apprentice. The roller to his back on the SIF is going to conquer the galaxy once more.

Awesome. You've never seen this. You guys have never heard this storyline before. And, uh, so anyway, I do turns up he rescues them. It turns out that this dude is one of the young links that survived order 66. Now he's like an old man, but he's taught himself the Jedi ways in secret and his name also a very cool name.

It's called Oprah. And Anna's so he's like this sort of rogue, Jedi that's just been in secrets or teaching himself the ways of the force. He rescues them. They jumped in his ship. They just bugger off to like the last planet he had in his data records or whatever, which happens to be Degas. They turn up on day goodbye and they're like, right.

We can hide here for a little while. They have completely unaware that Yoda was there in previous times, they come across his heart. They're like, this is well, Andy, because someone's already built a house here. We've got a cooker. Everything's fine. And they've realized that, um, yeah, they don't know the connection between Yoda, but they can feel the force a little bit.

That gets the whole creative juices flowing. And they agree between the three of them that they've got to take out, um, talent, because otherwise it's, if they're gonna come back, it's game over. So they then go to another Cantina and they're like, look, what's going on. We've heard about this talent person, blah, blah.

And, uh, they asked some scoundrels what's going on, you know, what's going on because TALEN is left after me, as you know, she's now onto, uh, you know, the second phase of our plan now that Ray's been rescued and whatnot. And, uh, they find out that she's on a planet called ricotta prime, which is another planet in the unknown region.

So they go there, they quickly land on the planet. They sort of make their way through and they come across a large group of SIF acolytes. Those guys are back. Yes. So they get into a bit of a scrap with those dudes and, um, in the, in the foray and the big battle when talents owns up, um, Oprah and is killed.

So this mysterious Jedi dude, he gets killed in the fight. And, uh, uh, while he's dying, he says to Ray in Rex and Nick, I'm just glad that there are other Jedi out there. So you guys can go off and do your thing once you've whipped our ass. So they do that. Talent thinks that she's got the upper hand and after a decent, um, lightsaber battle between the three of them, it's actually the young dude wrecks.

And that slices off her. You've not seen that before. You also slices off her lower, lower legs. She's a bit beat up, but then he stopped himself at the last minute from actually killing her. Ray's really proud. She's like, yep. You've shown promise early on. You've not given into hate and, and all that stuff.

And um, and then he puts the lightsabers down. Uh blah-blah-blah. They wrap up talent in. Chains, shackles, whatever. And they drop her off at Cora some anonymously, so she can be imprisoned. And I have no doubt that she'll turn up in the next film in the trilogy. They then go back to tattooing. And, um, they're outside the homestead, whipping some lightsabers around doing a bit of training, waiting for the other Jedi to turn up for the new order.

That's probably going to happen in another film as well. Then it's do turns up another person in a mysterious cloak, Rex like, shit, what's going on. It's going to kick off again. The person takes their cloak down and she's like, is there any Jaguar? I hear, I heard that there might be some blah, blah, blah.

And it turns out that that person is somebody called, what did I name this person? Uh, Dina UCAR me. And she says, I'm Dean of economy. I've also taught myself the ways of Jedi, but I just need a bit of a refresher please. I need like a five minute course. And it turns out that that person is Dina or Ghana, who was the adopted half sister of layer who was jealous of layer and Luke and Luke's, um, sort of, you know, Getting into the force and you know, all that stuff.

So now she wants to do that as well. Her and Ray have a little glance at each other. And then the film closes with Rex and looking across the desert and he sees layer who helped him write the beginning. She gives him a nice warmly little smile, the credits roll we're onto the sequel after that. Okay.

Okay. Very nice. My I I've only got one question for you as well. Gary, where are the, the rest of the gang, where are PO and Fen and chewy, et cetera. Sure. Sure. So circling back to my earlier comment around, I had a huge thing. I'm much more in detail thing. Um, there was, um, that like C3 found out he didn't make an appearance, but there was another droid who was knocking around as well.

And like, Andy, I, there probably would have been scenes where, you know, the joy it's quote unquote, sewn up and you see them from time to time. But the rest of the gang I've left behind predominantly because I don't want it to be too fan surfacy. So it's just a bit of a fresh start. But familiar enough with those themes that it feels star wars.

Yeah. Okay. I like it. Good stuff. Thank you, Gary. And now last but not least. Mark. What is your episode? 10. I just need to stop because I will never see your movie Garret unless you do the entire generation. Exactly. Like that audio book. Sure. Amazing man. Absolutely flawed. It's brilliant. Sorry, drew. Um, what was the question?

Uh, what's the title of yours, mark. Okay. This is star wars, fear of the Jeddah. So this is I've gone. Oh man. I'm such a knob, like at one where two nuts. Um, I've like written like the state of the galaxy and all sorts. So we've got like Andean and gas. We've got like, yes, there will be droids in it. Yeah.

Probably two is in it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But they're not, they're not in this. Um, so we've got an opening crawl. I written an opening crawl. All right. So just imagine the music. Yeah. It's not very good. Okay. Here we go. Fear three months after the defeat of the first order and the resurrected emperor Palpatine means final order fleet.

The galaxy is in disarray. I'm not carrying on with that voice organized crime violently rules that galactic sectors under its own laws and the aging generation of galaxy inhabitants who remember the peacekeeping Jetta. And the legends of Luke Skywalker are losing hope after the sudden disappearance of the enigmatic Jedi master as news of the death of legendary resistance, general princess layer, organic crushes, the final vestiges of herping the galaxy, the best chance of meaningful peace lies with the unproven new Republic and its new political talisman.

Get ready for Easter eggs. They're going to start here. It's new political talisman chancellor elect Nora Wexler, who struggles to gain a meaningful foothold after the first artists devastating destruction of the halls, Nin prime Republic, Senate, and the rise of the exit goal. Seth acolytes beneath I'm just going to say under the bloody noses of the Republic.

While mysterious power surge has plagued the systems of the outer rim. The new Republic is losing its grip on the fragile 10 rules of galactic peace as rumors persist of a mysterious Jenae faction and forcing their own version of peace in the darkest corners of the galaxy. Duh, duh, duh, fueled by whiskey.

Oh man. I'm tired. Well, this is what happens when you just have nothing else on. Yeah. You guys are busy. It's all.

Yeah. We don't waste our evenings. That's there on a catalog for a Pope. Have you ever done? Right. Okay. So

here we go. So, well, God. All right. So the movie opens with a closeup of the eyes of someone clearly running and clearly in abject terror. And we see flashes of a lightsaber behind the said person who is running and assume it's a pre-call esque, bad guy running from the pre-call ESC, Jedi, good guy. But he's not it's someone who manages to just as the camera pans out, make it to their friend saying to tell their kids that they love them before the light saber strikes them down, panning out to what looks like a Jedi, but that just has something a little darker about them just as the Jedi motors for the Jedi for order.

And then we do the search in search, you know, big, shiny open spaces. And we see Ray Infinium per the launch of the Starlight fleet, which is to honor the legacy of the great high Republic here and usher in new edge of peace and glory in the galaxy. They have a bit of banter. Um, they basically tell everyone that look, you know, we're struggling for politicians.

No one wants to be a Senator because the last lot got blown up. That was a shit storm. So we don't want any more of that. No one signing up. So Nora Wexler, who was the wife of wedge and, uh, Matt Parkman his mum out of heroes in the movies, she's the chancellor elect. Um, and, uh, this is the launch, the Starlight fleet and poor Mike quit to fin.

So they're altogether these, this trifecta FINRA and empower and poll equips. They do know that the spare station was blown into pieces by a terrorist group, right? Starlight, beacon, and fin replied. How do you always know useless stuff about everything? And Paul just gives him a little. And says, I guess, history wasn't on the storm trooper curriculum.

probably got a pager, like in:

So he rushes off what to shut up. Gus. He rushes off to the ship called Richard off to the new ship called the holder, uh, which is from that, you know, that girl of Jurassic park and. See the camera focus on re-imposed lingering glance. There's a little something narrow, a little chemistry between Ray and pole.

And we introduce a new character called Erin Cordova, um, who is tagging along like Finn's a shutter and she's a little force sensitive girl who is played by that girl out of Ghostbusters afterlife with the specs on. And she's, uh, she's desperate to be trained by Ray because her parents were killed in the whole Zenium prime explosion.

And, uh, but she's tacking onto fin because Finn is also desperate to be trained by Ray. So there's a really quick conversation between Finn and Ray, about the lack of training that she's given him and a reticence to do it and why she's not doing it because she doesn't want to make the same mistakes as the Jedi before, uh, she doesn't want to get attached to people.

She doesn't want to follow the Jedi path. Um, and Finn saw a drop set in saying, look, yeah, you can say all that, but I've seen how you look at PO. Fin bales with on the holder, but Finn sort of just shows that he's got his little cheeky late Sam, but that you've made cheeky, cheeky. We then pan out. This is so long guys.

I'm so sorry. I said I had nothing else to do. We, um, we then pan out, um, sorry. We flipped to another place, a dark sort of imagine like, um, this is like a homage to, you know, the, uh, the death star, the first thing on desktop around all the seats with Vader in the background. So this dark room and we introduced to this Guild of the oppressed, um, and the guilt of the oppressed, uh, basically sector specific crime laws, old moths, old violent crime Lords, villains.

Whoever's the strongest in any given sector or run in each sector and the banded together to form this Guild of the oppressed. And what they're doing is they're trying to keep the Republic distracted, um, so that they can have their way, and this they're tracking the holder leave in Starlight. And imply that they'll send their in forces to keep a watchful eye on things.

And then you pan out when you see the Jetta from the Altman sequence in the background a little bit live, it used to be back in the day, he gives a little nod. He bails off it goes, um, anyway, I'll zip through this. Um, hold those going through app space conversation with poem, fin discussing raise feelings and a generate Jedi attachment problem and pose like, you know, but why can't she won't as she like me?

Why don't, you know what I mean? Been saying, well, no, yeah, no, she likes you mate, but she's not, she's not doing anything issue. She's not even leaning into the Jedi stuff and the Jedi code and training him because of all the mistakes. And they have a bit of bond in like, oh bro, can't believe it. Like she's friends owned as both can't believe this.

Um, they arrive at these power surges on the edges of the unknown regions. They investigate an independent brand new planet called something. I have no idea what I'm getting to a bit of. And Finn sends us something. So, you know, whatever the trouble is, whatever the MacGuffin is. And fin sends us something with his force that triggers him to put out an SOS call for rare to come and join them.

And we don't know if that gets out on it. Um, he looks at Erin probably looks at him and she sort of nods and senses it as well. Um, the jet eye turns up from the beginning, um, beats the shit out offense. Um, honestly just beats the shit out of him gets kidnapped by this Jedi and taken to a compound, which is run by the Guild, not ship a compound.

Um, then to close out this sequence, we see Ray arrive at the source of the power surges and say to herself, you know, it gives a little frown, says these aren't power surges. These are force surges and so powerful that they're registering on, um, on the hardware. But anyway, next up, this is going to take about a week.

Um, Ray finds, Erin who was hired in a little bit late that checkoff rogue one. She's hiding after Finn's got beaten down. Um, Ray looks at her and she's like, oh, go on. Then come along. Um, they break into this compound and they start to see as they're going through all these corridors, Jedi training materials, and Jedi training rooms and all this Jedi detritus and all these little soft training zones and begins to think it's a Jedi facility, but it becomes clear that it's not, when she finds pen and paper at Finn pen Infor for pub.

To a pulp and in clear position to talk to, you know, like hands above the head and all that kind of good stuff that they're doing game of Thrones and stuff. Um, Ray instinctively rushes straight to PO and says, thank God you're all right, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, catches herself. And Finn and Erin catch up.

You know, Erin looking after Finn, uh, they all break out. They have a bit of a Daredevil ask, sort of one shot, badass hallway battling scene, um, the get out and the escape, um, and off the go wherever, but to, you know, back to wherever they live, um, we then shoot back off to the Guild, um, into this dark room.

Um, and they start to talk about who they are. We get some exposition, so they're the crime loads of banded together, their old muffs and so on. Um, and we, we learn who these Jedi are. So the Jedi, uh, basically people with, um, absolutely no, uh, force sensitivity whatsoever that have been given black market late serve is bought by these rich.

Given to them for promise of, um, if you enforce our will as the Guild and pretend you the Jetta, we will feed your family. We will close the family and we will look after you and give you, take you out positive. Um, basically the guilt beats beats on him and just said, look, you screwed up, man. Um, can't believe you let those guys go.

You better rectify, um, and bring fin and Erin back to us. Um, now, no, it's that's fin and Erin not. Um, one of the Guild is as the Jedi bales, one of the Guild looks at there and says, if we don't retrieve those force users, he will make us pair. Um, which introduces our actual big bud, who was actually making a deal with the Guild to keep the Republic busy so that the Guild can rule in return for the jet eight, mopping up any little nurse and force users as they come across them and bringing them in so that this big, bad, it can drain them of their false energy and just leave them, just, just husks of people.

Um, Finn and Rey, and Erin discussed back in the arm, wherever they live. Um, I'm so this is so long fin and Ryanair and discuss that they felt so many around the power surges, um, which is clear the force and that it's like someone else. Is creating these power surges to try and mine force energy from certain inflection points in the galaxy.

So they do a good old map scene X again, and map out, uh, where they overlay all the power surges on the galactic star map. And there's a shit ton of, uh, correlations. And there's a pile of Easter eggs in there. So you'll start to see things like, okay, there was a surge of a tattooing and dare Gabbard. I must've found some of the high Republic places, actor island, some of the, uh, the nerds like us would spot, um, the disgust, the power surges.

Um, and there look to have been created to send waves of the living force energy out so that it can be harvested. So they should go and investigate the area at the center of them, which is right on the edge of the unknown regions. So Finn and Aaron got to prep. They're bailed, basically just get them out of the way.

And Poland rare, have a little heart to heart, little cheeky kiss, but rare Paul's aware saying no, no, no. And Paul says no, but when

anyway, we build up the angst and the feelings and the exposition around why Ray's real him from the loss of band, even though it's just a platonic friendship, she can't afford to get attached to people. And so she by accident started to lean in to the old jet aways and no attachment and just being a lone warrior and she's all.

But she's also battling with this feeling of being reticent to start a new order because of what happened to Luke. She's stuck in this limbo. Um, they arrive on the, um, they arrived on the planet of moribund, which is the center of the power surges. And they get found by that Jedi from earlier, um, obviously choked a tracker on the ship.

Classic. Anyway, the Jedi he's brought five minutes with him and starts to be up on Ray and Finn and airy and light just beating up on him, but rare realizes pretty quickly that although she can feel the force around him, this living force that binds everything together, she can't feel it within the people, nor are they using what appear to be false abilities.

Uh, so she, she tasked per was trying to find a control room to get a beacon out to the Republic so they can shut the entire place down because this is where the surgeries are. Eminent. Um, whilst tackling the Jetta and saying Yano Jetta, and they're basically go through an entire fight scene where, you know, they do these fight scenes where like one person's fighting and says some and the other person fights and says something, you know, it's like one of those and they get the exposition about the Jedi not being Jedi and they're just being homeless.

And, um, you know, it's either staff or fight with late service. Um, it's either join them all day, which is why the girl at the beginning date, because she chose not to join them. Um, which in Ray's mind catalyzes the need to do something about them using the Jedi name, um, after realizing there's no false numb, um, infin begin to understand that a win by keeping them at a distance, using the force and striking while they're off balance.

It's PC easy for rare. She beats the crap out of him and she tells fin to just do what feels natural. So he's delighted because he's pushing him around and shit. And they've never done that before. Um, so he's chuffed, uh, it looks like they've worn books. Just as they're about to leave. And it looks like the victory is in hand, the big, bad arrives Aberdeen carers arrives.

He's juiced up on force energy. He's a different type of force that was used that we've never seen before. He is, um, not a, Seth is not a Jedi. He's from a lineage of people who are for sensitive, but whose forced use has a limit, he has to fill it. And he expends it, which is why he's been mined in force energy from across the galaxy.

He's been in hiding. The whole lineage has been in hiding what the Jetta and the Seth were battling because those guys could use any time. These guys would've got their asses whooped. So there've been hiding, building the wealth, building their influence, um, turns out he's follow-up beats the crap. I'm tired of hide in full of force energy.

It beats the crap out of a mall. He wants to bring his lineage back to the four and he explains that he was, um, initially powered up or we can say awake. And if we want to do a homage, um, via the massive outpouring, the force energy, um, from Luke's last Jedi sacrifice. And then again, from the massive power it took to defeat Palpatine.

And he's now mining that energy from across the galaxy nearly finished lads. I'm so sorry. No, I know, but I'm just getting tired myself, but through. Um, all right, all over again. I know. Sorry. Stand up. Isn't it. They find that the big bud Abbott Don has damaged their ships hyper drives and has left them for dead in the wilderness, which mirrors, Anakin being left for dead on it must differ.

And so per managed to get out that calm for the Republic to come and find them stay in that they found a new imperious force user who was as dangerous as they've ever seen. And who is working with the guilt of the oppressed to control the galactic sectors per says, they'll find us, but it might take a while.

Now we're gonna have a bit of a downbeat time now, you know, um, fin and Aaron are trying to fix up the shit, but they can't get the hyperdrive work in all of the engines to get them out of the planet's gravity. Well, they can only get off planet. They can't get into hyperspace, um, believe to try to alert any passing ships that might be friendly.

Paul and Ray have a bit of a chinwag again, pur finally loses his shit and says to rare, fine. If she's out, he's out, he's out enough of it. There's clearly something going on, but she's not able to accept it. They leave it really badly between them. It's all gone. Pear shaped and rare tries to meditate on it, to, to find some solace to wit during meditation, two false ghosts appear Luke and layer Skywalker or Ghana and retells, Luke and layer in their force ghost form.

The, it felt like Aberdeen was feeding off her force energy off of her hope and optimism about her ability to beat him and a feelings for poor. They explain that maybe some, a Palpatine's blood could be the key to solving this not physical blood, but the DNA within, uh, what, with all the dark side in there.

And Ray explained that she's afraid of that and of using that because of a feelings for poor. And yet she wants to lean into the poor relationship, but she's scared if she. That side tendencies are going to lead to the same fit as one Anakin Skywalker. So false goes, layer tells rare that a father fell to the dark side because of the drilling of the Jedi code into him.

When in reality, if he'd have been public about it and could have worked with it and become an even bigger hero, either probably don't all right and been safe. And then she closes with, and my brother, Luke, despite being able to resist the darkness, still chose to exile himself, instead of trying to find a new way to live the Jedi code and to find his lightning rod, which I'll get to Luke, gets involved with the chat and says that it's clear that the old Jedi where it didn't work and that the lines between light and dark are never as clear as they're made out to be the key thing, being that you know, where that line is and when to pull back.

And then he says, My father had his lightning rod in my mother, pardon me? And I had mine in layer on, and my friends. I just didn't realize it at the time. The key to coming back from the edge of the darkness is knowing that your lightening rod can pull you back when you need it. Um, then he says maybe it's time to forget the fear of loss, the fear of the darkness within and to learn, to harness it, to reshape the light and the dark into a force for good let the past die, but make a future for us all echo in the last Jetta, of course, um, out in the wilderness Aberdeen is, um, alerted to the incoming Republic fleet.

I dunno, a BBB, whatever, and realize that it needs to nip off, get back, finish off those three strugglers that he's stupidly left alive. And who does he run into bloody pole? And he's pissed, obviously kidnaps him. So evidence kidnapper raw feels poor rare fields, pose distress through the false and tells Luke and lay that she's got to leave to say.

Luke in parts, one final piece of wisdom. Don't rush into this unprepared. As I once did rare to fight, to win and to thrive. You must be prepared to bring, um, to bring, yeah, to live in true balanced by harnessing the darkness inside you and using it as a force for good pose, light will guide you. Let it, um, she gets to have it in a big fight.

Uh, rare misunderstands Luke's words to start with and gets really pissed with Abbott and gets angry. Gets rageful, iStats beaten down on him, hard with some of the big mannequin stale, overhead blows and smashing down with him and really deplete in this force energy that he's got. He's using it as a shield and it just keeps getting weaker and weaker.

Cause she's just battering him, um, alongside that skip to fin and Erin in space detecting the oncoming Starlight fleet and their combat through to rare, um, Aberdeen. Heres that come over a radio and closes off the planet. Presses something on his wrist closes off the planet into one giant. It's a trap with some salt, make a shield, um, Starlight fleet camp penetrate.

And as they're worried Starlight fleet, maybe we see someone on the bridge saying we can't get through. We can't get through, we can't get through. Can't get through, we get a boop boop, boop, excuse me. So we've got income and it looks like a huge Armada coming in on the red ass from behind Starlight fleet.

So that brick in it, like first order empire, we're fucked, um, skip back to rare Abbott and can't take all the dark side power that's flowing through and getting beat down. And this is why Ray has got to tap into it, to beat him. It's the only way she can do it. His body can take the light side, all the herb and all the defense and everything, but it can't take the dark side.

She realizes it. And as she starts to tap into our anger, it just gets worse and worse. Just really beaten down in him. When she, when he looks completely, completely, completely at the edge of death, she stops just before she strikes him down, scared to death of the anger and the dark side seep, and then looks at poor with this big regretful look, and she's still strung up bleed into bloody death.

During a moment, this moment, this very quick moment of reflection about the dark side and stopping it and questioning whether she should stay safe polo or whether she needs to stop where she is Abbott and strikes down a lightsaber out of hand, fires it across the room, and we get a closer look. The Kyber crystal smashed it's in two pieces so that the light saber simply will not ignite over the far side of the room.

It will not ignite. Um, Aberdeen jumps back up, gives us some speech about our, the Jetta and the safe, both misunderstand the nature of the force and that to truly understand that you've got to respect and not take it for granted and to find that balance, she hears Luke's last words to her again, and realize it's not about anger.

It's about passion and love and the depth of caring for someone else, but knowing when to stop. And when she looks over at Paul realizes that he's her lightning rod and. Um, yeah, she'll never cross the line whilst he used around. He will always bring a bag, but she can use the dark side that's in her blood for good.

She opens her eyes, bless an absolute metric pile of dark side lightening out of her hand, but not at Aberdeen at the light saber, which reignites through the crystal, drags it back over to herself. And obviously just carves him down. Jobs are good. And, um, she's dead. Um, no, he's, he's not dead easy dead. Um, over on, over on the other side, um, in space as the new Armada is detected by the Republic jumps into real space from hyperspace, the comms fire up and on the Republic bridge where the comms, this is Eli van of the chess, ascendancy identify yourself.

Um, they do identify themselves and they all realized the chest, the Republic, they're all very investigating the same power surges and fostered. Beat down the armaments and form the early stages of this new Alliance. Um, rare feels more balanced than ever before. Beats the farce out of Abbott and using dark side moves.

Um, we get a bit of exposition after the fact about the Jedi Nam being used for in force in, in the fear in the Republic. Um, when the Republic, after the. We'll see them all back together. Um, rare fin per you know, the usual sort of up stuff. Um, Ray's got to try and all fin and Erin have got to try and get it out into the galactic sort of sake that, that wasn't the Jedi that's their job is to try and reclaim the name of the Jedi, um, for Goodwill.

Um, the Republic decides to embark on a mission within the galaxy to track the guilt of the oppressed, uh, in each sector and bring them down. Um, we get Aberdeen in a prison like the raft from the MCU probably, um, and to nowhere, um, Ray explains to propel that they can try to make it work as long as they're happy each other.

And then we get a nice closing scene, which has. On the bridge of the chess ship with ELA and the Admiral van to explain that the chest were drawn to the power surge is at their border. They're from unknown space and their Republic from the galaxy. They were all drawn to the same place because of the events on exhale and all these power surges.

Um, the disgust, the Aberdeen came from a planet within the chest space, within the unknown regions of their need to find out more about that rest while the Republic humps the Guild. And although Aberdeen has been defeated with no force stored within him, who's to say there aren't more out there liking.

So the chess ship is being mirrored. The birth in space, be mirrored by the holder with and finish there. And, um, rare on the chips ship with, um, Eli Vantaa the Republic ship. The holder jumps to hyperspace to begin that Republic mission, finding the Guild, the chess ship, however it ready to start its mission to find that species, the Aberdeen.

Gets ready to jump into hyperspace and rare looking around the bridge says, where's your navigation, hyperspace computer. And Vantaa says, she's here pointing to a girl. She navigates the chaos of hyperspace through the will of the beyond. Or as you call it the force she sees no good. She sees no evil. She sees no light, no dark.

Instead she simply sees progress. And then he says, make the jump Skywalker. And we close. That's it? That was so long. Okay, mate. Good stuff. I read a lot of stuff too. I have questions. I don't think I have any questions. Very comprehensive. So Christians questions, never thought I'd say it, but I wanna hear more often Gareth.

Yeah, we will. We will now swiftly move into the debate phase very quickly for the listeners. Quick reminder, we had Andy's pitch shadow of the SIF, which is re having a piece of Palpatine's dark sides, split personality, and she's read leading a new uprising of evil people and she kills chewy. Uh, we have Gary's secrets of the Sith, which is one year later Ray's kidnapped and we get a bunch of cool new characters like Rex unclog, dark Tallinn, doth malls, apprentice comes back open and as Oprah and Anna's, uh, secret old young language is really good.

And then we have Mark's fair of the eye, which is comprehensive. And we have four surgeries being investigated all over the galaxy. We have Ray and Poe sort of on again, off again, re being reticent about starting up a new jet. I order we have a new race of force users who can't use the living force. They have to store energy up and we move on to a new presumably trilogy here with the chess ascendancy showing up, which is very cool as well.

So with that, I'm going to hand over to you guys. In your own time, you shout, scream, be polite. However you want to do it. Tell me why I should be picking yours. I'd like to jump in and say, you should pick marks because that's got the most longevity value across the trilogy. It sounds like you've got books.

Comics, I guess you've got the lot there because I think with marks one, you've got a whole raft of books that can accompany all those little details and that's, uh, you know, drew, if you're the head of Lucasfilm, dude, it's the money, right? So that's one, you follow the green gas. He says, oh, this is like being at work.


Mark's one for me, had the most, the most grounding. Very good. I wonder if it's, uh, it's a, if it's a star wars film, Some of the, like the, I like the idea of like an evil Jed I E but then like, yeah, I don't know. It just didn't feel like much like there's loads of star wars in it. It just didn't feel like a star wars film as well.

Like, is the force limit from something you created or from something you've read? I think he's PR well, I've never read about that. I don't know if anyone else has Bob. I've never read about that. I don't know about that one, but actually I actually would agree with that as well. And I think it, as I was going through it and it feels like a movie I have to.

But I wish I did struggle to get that star wars element in, like, I almost wanted to get a space battle in there or so many, you know, it was hard to make it feel star wars, isn't it? Yeah. Well, not for me, not for me. I had a great original

it's true. I use, I use, I use all the characters, you know, Gary there, you know, there's, there's more than just re um, of course, and it's all called dude gallery, then all called dude. There's a lot of dudes not going to bet. I did like the dark Ray stuff in your, in your style. I think the fandom went batshit for that, for the dark gray stuff.

And we didn't see enough of it. I don't think so. That's a great point. I did. Yeah, it's, it's, it's a good pitch. I admit it's a, it's one of the best ones I've done. I feel like yours as well. Um, yours on there, it sort of, it takes a few threads of the rise of Skywalker. Like guys alluded to the dub. People didn't get enough of that.

They would really, really enjoy see more of. Solely for like a really, I enjoyed the fact that you didn't necessarily introduce, um, more villains towards the end. Like it was just light and darker. Um, that with a real antagonist, I know we had others around that, but the fights with Fen and everyone else were light and dark gray, which I really liked that that's some, I think that was a smart move.

I did like, I mean, I, like I say, I like this, this like new Jed, I evil Jedi kind of going around and I like, again, trying to build yeah. You're like when you're trying to build a new, a new jet, I, what I think we're all trying to do is take it, take it more into, into a new direction. Um, and I, I do admit, I think mark takes it in a bit more.

It just say through, it really depends. Like if you. Because I do admit I really, I do like marks. I like marks a lot of half, I think, more than like the earlier. Um, but is it star wars film enough that will please like the fans as well? That's the big thing, cause fans are so they can be quite, uh, quite aggressive maybe sometimes, um,

to be like what I did, like Gary's as well. And it's um, I do admit it's not like, say a as original, I don't think it's like seeing myself or marks, but like, like when you had like the left hand go as well, like that's not, that's not being an original, that's a great, cool bag. That would have been great to have.

Um, but like, like Ray being kidnapped and it's, it's interesting. Yeah. Um, But I think mine is the most interesting, most original, uh, say users, it's the light and dark. I wanted to bring it back to what we all have inside of her. She wishes the light and dark in all of us. And how do we balance it? And the idea that Ray hasn't really learned to deal with the dark side in her from nine.

Um, and it's literally coming out of her when she's not, uh, which she does. Okay. Yeah, it was a bit more night though, man. I knew it was simplification, but I, for the purpose of the pitch, I admit it was a little bit as I was writing this. I was like, I think, I think I put in Tyler Durden at one point I was like, no, no, no.

It's great. Brilliant. Can you do the, um, in this, in this move, I would like to see the Oscar Isaac mood night English accent. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. And an undercover bit where he has to, oh yeah. I can't speak English for some reason. Yeah. Yeah. And that's in mine as well. At one point posts got that English accent, everyone, because he's got to go into the sky.

So, um, I have, I've made a note of it. I mean, I've got to admit guys that was. You were you all just done my job? Like I normally have to sit and go. Right. Okay. I'm going to make sure I go through my positives of everyone's and then you three, just have a massive Levin and it just like, no, you're all great.

Everyone's lovely. Like there's people at home banging for blood and you've all denied it to them. And I like, I love it. I'm I'm always, I feel like I'm normally the one who's pushing the positivity and here we all are just being lovely pictures on star wars. Well, yeah. Yeah. What's this all about you and about nothing.

Cool. Cool. Yourself, star wars fans, honestly being kind to each other about your preferences and ideas. Um, okay. I am going to go through my thoughts quickly, Andy, like two, two, I'm going to react going thoughts that you guys have all said. I thought the. Initially when you were like, oh no, Ray is the body.

I was like, oh, fuck me. That's really rote. But then actually the split personality thing and the light side, Ray still being in there and having that duality, I thought was quite interesting, even though there's yeah, you could look at it and go, oh, it does rather take away from the ending of rise of Skywalker that actually Palpatine got in there.

And, and it takes away from the victory a little bit. But I do think it's an interesting direction. You've killed off chewing. You've committed to it. There are stakes in there. I think there's, I think there's some interesting ideas, Gary. I, I like the simplicity of it. I like the fact that Ray Ray is still on tattooing and like, she's just like, no, no, I'm just living a quiet life.

She's still figuring out what to do. We've got new characters, we've got a new threat. There are loads of different directions to take it. And it's not necessarily wedded to. Everything that came before potentially in a really good way. And that there's, there are many conversations and arguments to be had about whether that's the right direction for the series to take going forwards.

Mark. That was I've said it already comprehensive. I it's, it feels epic. Um, that's a kind way of saying, but, but you've put a lot of thought into it. Like we had it with em from verbal Dharma with her mommy pitch. Like if you've got these ideas and they get down on the page, that's why people listen to this because they like hearing people's ideas and yeah, I like the concept of the four surges.

I like the sort of bait and switch that. Oh, are those bad jet? I grade jet I, and then actually, no, they're not forced to use as a tool. I like the Rockpool. Um, there is a lot of ground to cover and there, I can see the argument that, yeah, this SI this may be, might fit better as a Disney plus. Series then a, then a two and a half hour movie, but kudos for all the references, all of the, all the callbacks.

And like Gary said, there's, I think it would be crowd-pleasing, but not for the general punters. These are references for these, a deep cut references. And I think people would appreciate that. So I've got to pick a winner and I like genuinely I do. I do think they are doing, I think that, that there are, there are good reasons to pick all three, but I think.

Today, I think it's got to go to mark or respect, I think power, uh,

yeah. And mark to be left alive, someone, someone going down the path of Ray having to become a gray jet. I is, is a very quick route to my heart. That's where I hope that we were going after eight and it didn't happen. And I think that's, that is a fantastic direction to take. I think having the chase ascendancy show up gives you so many potential ideas.

Having the, um, the crime Lords kind of vying for control of the galaxy and the fact that the galaxy is still in upheaval after the first order's gone. Cause there's still no Republic to speak of. I think it was well thought out. It's got some very cool ideas, having forced users. Like can't just use it Willy nilly and have them be the baddies who have these limitations, I think is a really interesting thing to mine for conflict going forward.

So yeah. Absolute props, well done, mate. Um, it didn't make me think of a video game actually, when you're like, you have to, you have to recharge like when you've run a high with a high behind a rock for a minute as just stats recharge and you're back into the fight that was in my head, man. Like the bad guy in this movie is basically the car out of street fighter.

Oh, thanks. I appreciate that, man.

and it will as always like, thank you, Andy and Gary, for, for all the work that you put into yours as well. Cause I really, I genuinely enjoyed listening to all three of those. So thank you so much. So normally when we have one guest and two regulars and the guests wins, the guests picks out of the two regulars.

f I'm wrong, we are doing the:

We are indeed doing the flash Gordon movie beauty. That would be a lot of, a lot of fun. Um, there'll be, yeah, we've got a guest. I have to, sorry after it. It's uh, a big run for captivate. Next next episode, we should have with us captivates own Danny brown for flashcards everywhere. You can't have anything.

And it felt like having flash Gordon after stole was felt thematically appropriate as well. So, yeah, hopefully it's going to be a good one. You need to translate your onboard lads. Oh, I forgot about that. He is definitely Scottish. Isn't he? He's he's very Scottish is, is, is, are Danny. He's cute. That's right.

Yeah. We'll give him a set word limit, maybe every sentence so we can go get, just get the points across. Hey, that'll be awesome. That's going to be fantastic. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But so that is it. So Gary and mark. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on. It's a, it's a real, genuine pleasure to, to have two such massive.

Star wars fans who are so knowledgeable and so enthusiastic come on and join us for our first soul was episode. And hopefully there'll be more in the future. Where can the listeners find you guys? Is there anything you want to plug before? We all say goodbye. Well, you can find mark and myself, as we said, a few times over on spark of rebellion, find that on your podcast app of choice, I'm not going to go down that road.

You know, the housekeeping, you know, and um, for me, I do another podcast. My other cipher I love, which is Dr. Who? So you can find that that's called the big blue box podcast. Just do a search for that. And that's another weekly one where you can hear me talk shit on a, on a different subject of Saifai. So go and check that out.

It guys is like the man, when it comes to podcasting, by the way, I need to say this to you guys. This is not just blowing smoke up your ass and saying it. Cause I mean, this is genuinely my favorite podcast of all time. Like I absolutely it, honestly, I'm not joking. I absolutely love it. I think it's brilliant.

I listen to everything. It's just, yeah, it's brilliant. It's perfectly done. So thanks for having us guys. Honestly, we can't wait to have you on speaker, but so much for, for us now it's a few weeks till that happens, but for the listeners, you'll be able to catch us on spark of rebellion in like a few days and get excited about that.

I have to watch the last year before that I'll try and get it in. Well, do you know the irony on this that, you know, you know, you guys put a lot of work in and you've got structure and stuff and uh, I don't know how you do it cause there's a lot of work, right? That's what, that's why with. Yeah, man. I still, I don't know how you do, like once a month from here, I'd be like, all right, guys, it's got to be once a quarter, but yeah, there's none of that structure on the, on spark rebellion.

It's just, we just Google star wars stuff, add it to a list and then read it. It's brilliant. It's butter. I mean, I, I always talk too much during the review section. Everyone gets annoyed by that. I got no structure, but I always go, I want to bring up Ross, always in the back. Roll his eyes. Go for fuck's sake.

This is good. Yeah. And you didn't have your one more thing this week? Yes. I wanted to bring it up. I wanted it to be nice. We didn't talk about the force. Which we could have gone into, so at least, Hey, at least they set up four ceiling in the Mandalorian the day before this came out so that there was so that it was in cannon.

Do the, see it like later and space was not set up because it just done, you know, it could have been anything. So I made sure you didn't read any of the books that supported all of that, man. Can't believe you didn't meet all them PlayStations.

oh, so much. My belly is so full of gurus. Come on. Oh man. I'm jealous. I'm going to go and have my dinner now. So I will sign us off. Um, as, as always you can find us on most social media is we're most active on Twitter, just search sequel pitch. And if we're there, you will find us if you've got your own ideas for how the star wars franchise and the Skywalker saga should continue do, please let us know.

Or if you have any other feedback at all, we would love to hear from. And so with that, I am going to say goodbye from this week's winner, special guest mark Asquith. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you. Chaps goodbye from honorable runner-up number one and special guest, Gary Gary, a lot. Sorry, give mark the full name, but Gary is just Gary.

Yes. Just like being back at work. Yeah. So thanks very much. It's been an honor. Thank you. And goodbye. From honorable runner on number two and goodbye. And it is goodbye for me. We will see you for flash.

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